About Ride Along

Our event is called Ride Along, which in itself is the very essence of the concept. We want to gather sports car enthusiasts, who share a passion for the industry and want to represent it, and get them together on the road.

Through this event we want to offer those interested and enthusiastic people about exclusive sports cars an opportunity to cruise some of the most breath-taking roads Belgium has to offer.

The ubiquitous presence of exclusivity dresses our whole event, from the moment you arrive we make sure that this will be a memorable day for you and your sports car. Ride Along together with us over 250 km of road in the North-Eastern part of Belgium.

The Crew

Peter van Dongen

My name is Peter van Dongen, 23 years old and living in Maastricht. Aside from my study International Business, I am very active as owner of this event. Furthermore, I work for a local BMW-dealership and photography is my passion. Perhaps, you all know me as Peter van Dongen Automotive Photography.

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Alen Vasic

Some of you might know me as Alen and some of you as Automotive Art by Lyon1845, the name that I use to share my work online. As a small child I had a great interest in cars and especially in sports cars. Since 2007 I have started taking pictures of cars using the light. My passion has increasingly been growing. When I am not working or taking pictures, I love to go to the movies or out to dinner. I try to be active in several sports and just to live my life with my family and friends.

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  • Herkenbosch - 6075 DK - Boterbloemdreef 9
  • KVK: 62582186 - BTW: NL854875049B01